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Lighting & Atmospheric Effects

We offer special lighting and atmospheric effects to make your event stand out. Great for pictures and will definitely bring the party to life!


Up-Lighting (Available in over 70 vibrant L.E.D. colors)

Half Room (5-7 Fixtures)-$200.00

Full Room (10-14 Fixtures) $400.00

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Standing L.E.D. Light Sticks-Wireless light sticks that stand 61" tall and can be placed anywhere at your event that will add accent and great visual effects for Introductions and your Dance Floor.

(4) Standing Fixtures-$100.00

(8) Standing Fixtures-$200.00


Monograms-Personalized and created light designs for display on backdrop, wall, or dance floor



Nimbus Cloud Effect Machine-Perfect to make your first dance the most magical moment at your wedding or event.  Can be used multiple times throughout event .



Cold Sparkler Effect Machine-Great for Introductions, first dance, or exit. Stunning visual effects for photos and to create the ultimate experience for you and your guests!

$500-Single use for up to (2) 90 second increments 

$100-for every additional 90 second increment 


Geyser Vertical Lighting and Fog Machine-Fog that shoots up vertically at a high pressure with color effects.

$200 per Fixture 

Please contact us with any questions or additional photos!

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